Rowland & Yauger have almost 50 years of legal experience. They are dedicated to helping people just like you put an end to their legal problems by using their legal knowledge and varied experience to pursue justice on behalf of good people throughout North Carolina. Whether your case requires careful negotiations to achieve a settlement or aggressive litigation in a jury trial, you can trust them to make the correct judgments and ensure that your rights are being fully protected.

Michael Rowland (23 years of legal experience) wanted to develop a small town practice in an area where he grew up and deliver quality legal services to his friends and neighbors in a place where he wanted to live and raise his family.   What he likes most about being a lawyer is being an advocate for those who can't speak or fight for themselves. It is an opportunity to help people level the playing field. As a lawyer, he can help his clients obtain justice, or mercy, as the situation may require.

"I believe this is my life purpose. There are a lot of negative stereotypes about lawyers, but I believe it is a noble calling to serve others and help them with their burdens."

Brett Yauger (24 years of legal experience) served as an officer in the United States Army and found that he enjoyed helping people solve problems both professional and personal. He joined with Mike to create Rowland & Yauger because he wanted a "hands on" approach to the practice of law. He wanted to be in direct contact with his clients and their concerns so he created law firm that will do what it takes to get the job done.

"What I like most about the law is...fulfilling my sworn duty to serve and protect my client at all cost."

They represent individuals throughout Moore, Montgomery and Randolph Counties and much of central North Carolina and they welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss your legal matter in a free consultation. Call 888-850-0274 to schedule an appointment at our Carthage ofiice or 336-625-1275 for our Asheboro office.