Ariel Kowalick Davenport is a true Sandhills native. She was born and raised in Moore County, NC.

She soon realized she had a natural talent for interior design, but was unsure on how to capitalize on her god given gifts. That soon changed after a trip to Florida during which she visited a Stone Warehouse and Showroom and thought to herself “I could do this” she did.

“I didn’t grow up knowing that I wanted to work with stone, but I knew I wanted to do interior design somehow. So after seeing the Stone warehouse in Florida. I thought… this, this is what I want to do. So it was more of the opportunity rose and I jumped on it, rather than me seeking it out.”

Ariel started Set In Stone back in 2008, in a very small location and has steadily grown the business ever since. Set In Stone now has the largest Stone and Slab warehouse in the Sandhills.

“ I remember when we first started, the space was so mall and our showroom was built out of materials that we bought from Habitat for Humanity”

Set in Stone of the Sandhills is the largest tile & granite showroom in Moore County. Set is Stone services Moore, Hoke, Scotland, Lee and surrounding counties. Set in Stone is conveniently located in Aberdeen, NC. Ariel and her staff match top quality products with top quality customer service. Set in Stone offers: Granite Metal Tiles Home & Gardening Counter Tops Granite Fabrication Bathroom Tiling & Flooring. They will be right there with you throughout the entire process, from advising you on your selection and design to scheduling and managing the installation. Customer satisfaction is priority number one at Set In Stone. Come make your upgrade selection today.