My name is Philip Holmes and I am the Manager of Crumpler Funeral Home in Aberdeen, NC. My family and I are pleased to be a part of the Sandhills Showcase.

My family's legacy began in the 1950s when my grandfather was working a funeral for Jernigan & Warren Funeral Home in The Raeford Cemetery . It was where he met my grandmother, Dayne Capps of Rockfish. They began their courtship and soon became married. In 1960, they opened up their first funeral home in Raeford. They had three children, Kemp, Kel, and Kalen, my mother; whom all are licensed funeral directors.

I lived with my grandparents since I was two years old. So you can say I've been around the business my whole life. I attended Flora Macdonald Academy beginning in sixth grade where I met a girl, Amy McNeill. It wasn't until I was a senior in High School before we began dating. We went to school in Wilmington and after getting married in 2006, we moved back to the area, and now reside in Pinebluff. I began attending Fayetteville Tech where I went to school to study funeral service. After completing my course of study and passing the state exam, I became the first and as of now the only grandchild of Frank and Dayne Crumpler to become a licensed funeral director. I take pride in being that third generation funeral director. I have taken the experience I have learned from my grandparents and uncles prior to becoming licensed and now apply the same professionalism that was instilled in me since I was young.

Since moving back, my wife and I have two beautiful children, Evan, and Lera Dayne, and I now manage the funeral home in Aberdeen and oversee the day to day operations. We are members of Brownson Presbyterian Church and I am also a member of The Kiwanis Club of the Sandhills as well as an ambassador for the Moore County Chamber of Commerce.