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Patrick Kelly A musicologist at the Boston Conservatory named Dr. Joe Bennett decided that he wanted to write the PERFECT Christmas song. So he studied the lyrics, tempo, vocals, and musical key of 200 of the top Christmas songs to figure out how. He found it was important to use words like Santa, snow, home, peace, and love in the lyrics . . . but especially the word Christmas itself. The song needed to be in a major key, have an average tempo of 115 beats per minute, and feature plenty of sleigh bells. And using all of his info, he engineered a song called "Love's Not Just For Christmas", which he says is the, quote, "happiest Christmas song ever." You be the this the PERFECT Christmas song? - PK
Love's Not Just For Christmas intu worked with musicians, musicologists, composers and choirs to create the happiest Christmas song ever to bring some extra festive joy at intu shopping c...
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Patrick Kelly While there have been a slew of notable deaths this past week...none may hit as close to home as that of Robert D. Raiford. In my humble opinion, Mr. Raiford represented a more sensible time in our culture. When the truth was the truth. No matter how uncomfortable. Some say he was a curmudgeon, I would argue, that he simply spoke unfiltered truth to young and old alike. if you worked in the radio knew and loved this "unrepentant iconoclast" for his frank, and oftentimes fiery war on political correctness. He was the contrast to all of the silliness of "The Big Show". My thoughts & prayers go out to his friends, his family, and of course our colleagues at The John Boy & Billy Big Show. Rest easy Robert D. Thanks for telling us the truth, whether we liked it or not. - PK
Charlotte radio curmudgeon Robert Raiford dies at 89 Known for his war on political correctness, this Charlotte celebrity’s fame grew on ‘John Boy and Billy’
Patrick Kelly Please join us on Friday, November 17th, 7am until 6pm at Honeybaked Ham & Cafe' in we broadcast live while we collect coats, blankets, non-perishable food items, school supplies, and/or cash donations all day long....for the 2017 Holiday Help Day! To learn more please visit - PK 2017-11-13T22:38:24+0000
Patrick Kelly This pumpkin was carved by listener Karen WIlliams! I am thouroughly impressed. And very flattered. Thanks for listening Karen! And for being an incredible pumpkin carver! Give her some love ladies & gents! - PK #Like #Share 2017-11-13T20:56:55+0000
Patrick Kelly Welcome to all of my new Facebook friends!!! Please share my page with your friends & invite a few friends to give me a like. I'm trying to get to 2000 "Lkes" by New Year's Eve (December 31st)....and I NEED YOUR HELP!!!! Thanks! - PK 2017-11-02T16:58:30+0000
Patrick Kelly EDIT#2: Tom Petty dead @ 66. - PK
Tom Petty, Rock Iconoclast Who Led the Heartbreakers, Dead at 66 Tom Petty, the dynamic Hall of Fame frontman who led the Heartbreakers, has died. He was 66.
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