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Event: 'Billy Bag-O-Donuts LIVE At The March Musical Madness Concert' Print
  550 AM WIOZ
Date: Saturday, March 02, 2013 At 10:00 AM

March Musical Madness Concert
WHEN: Saturday, March 2ND
Beginning at 10:00am
Special Emcee: Billy-Bag-O-Donuts from WIOZ 550AM
Call 215-0900 to register
Piano Players are slightly mad
Courtesy of Piano Your Way instructor Mr. Bob Lewis

On March 2 the Senior Enrichment Center will host several "slightly mad" individuals who will entertain those present with an example of their craziness.

To explain how pianists can be thought to be slightly errant in their thinking let’s consider several facts:

1. Pianists have chosen to play an instrument that can't be easily transported. Well, yes, the newer digital pianos can be carried around, but consider that the players performing on March 2 began on pianos before the digital age.
2. We pianists are continually running into people who say, "I took lessons once and I certainly wish I'd continued. I can hardly play a note now." The players on March 2 continued to work on a task that most people found not very exciting when they were learning.
3. In fact, the early lessons weren't very exciting! It wasn't play, it was work. And we had to give up lots of play to do it. The maddening thing is that NOW we actually do PLAY when we play. It's fun to make music, even if it is a bit mad.
4. But, what really makes pianists crazy is the range of options available. One can choose from thousands (maybe millions) of pieces, varying in style, pace, complexity, and even in the manner of learning how to play it.
5. Some of us obtain scripted music and do our best to duplicate it. Some just hear a song and make up our own version of it. Some of us use a musical shorthand to direct our efforts. Some even make up our own songs. On March 2 all of these options will be heard.
6. The strangest fact is that when we prepare to play for a crowd we have to know the song well enough that our hands take over. They just carry on almost without our thinking about what they are doing, and the right hand doesn't always know what the left hand is doing. Each note or chord tells our hands what to do next.


So, we invite you to come to hear several "senior" pianists; who have continued to be "in left field" for most of their lives. The range of music will vary, from classical to jazz to country to religious to "tin pan alley" to Broadway to Hollywood! Each pianist will explain what part of the madness they enjoy the most.

Please share March Musical Madness with us.

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