Jun 11

Water worries continue throughout Moore County

Last week Southern Pines announced mandatory water restrictions, and now seven Lakes is nervously watching its daily consumption edge upward. Southern Pines, which operates its own water system, says restriction will remain in place until the supply of fresh water from Drowning Creek reaches acceptable levels. Seven Lakes, however, is part of the county system. Greg Hawkins is the Editor of The Seven Lakes Times. He reports that Seven Lakes has reached the 800-thousand gallon daily threshold that signals heightened pumping activity. In fact, 800-thousand gallons is the high water mark Moore County used three years ago to encourage voluntary conservation measures. That gentle prohibition has never been lifted, although the county appears less worried these days that drought will a stage where emergency restrictions are necessary. Moore County Water Operations Manager Ben Vaughn tells Hawkins not to worry, that if push comes ot shove the route 211 pump station could be upgraded to deliver another 144 thousand gallons a day above absolute capacity. Meanwhile, the town of Robbins and Moore County are in negations to create a Northwest Moore Water District with Seven Lakes one of its primary customers. The county has offered to assume some of the town’s debt in exchange for the Rob bins Reservoir and related infrastructure. The county would merge the system serving Seven Lakes into the new water district, creating an overabundance. So Far, Robbins is noncommittal and Town Commissioner Lynn Loy says Robbins has conditions of its own. Seven Lakers, among others, are all ears.
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