Jun 11

Mandatory water restrictions imposed

With a forecast for hot, dry weather as far as the eye can see, the Town of Southern Pines yesterday imposed mandatory water restrictions. Violations can result in fines of up to five-hundred dollars. The ban will stay in effect for thirty days or until the supply of fresh water from Drowning Creek reaches an acceptable level for five consecutive days. Unlike Pinehurst, Moore County’s largest municipality, Southern Pines operates its own water and sewer system. The Pinehurst System s owned and operated by the county, and, unlike previous dry periods, Moore has in place a water shortage response plan that allows it to temporarily replace a shortage from one source with water from another. Ben Vaughn, is the Operations Manager of Moore County Public Utilities. Last fall, when the water shortage response plan was announced, Vaughn said his department should be able to “appropriately manage droughts of any duration in advance of the need.” Among the more burdensome regulations that Southern Pines must observe is one that restricts lawn watering to once every four days. Town Manager Reagan Parsons explained that even numbered addresses may irrigate on even numbered days and odd numbered addresses on odd numbered days.
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