Jun 11

Robbins shows strong support for water plan

Chances of forming a water district to serve the northwest corner of Moore County are better than ever. The Town of Robbins, which has an abundant source of water but lacks a modern delivery system, is trying to find a solution. Moore County has suggested a regional plan that would serve not only Robbins but West End and Seven Lakes. It would also make everybody dependent on other counties for water. At a recent public hearing in Robbins there was strong support for the county taking over and freeing Robbins from a burdensome debt and outdated intrastructure. Seven years ago voters approved a 16-million dollar bond issue to create The Northwest Moore Water District. That money is still available and will be for another three years. Now for the first time there appears to be strong support for a regional approach. Although the county is not currently proposing to take over wastewater operations in Robbins, Brian Allen considers the county’s interest a golden opportunity. Allen is the Former Co-President of Northern Moore Tomorrow. He urges The Robins Town Board in his words “to absolutely get out of the water and sewer business.” The first opportunity for the town board to act on Allen’s advice won’t come until the ninth, the date of its regular meeting.
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