May 13

Pinehurst to downsize it's Historical District

Pinehurst, founded as a pastoral retreat for the well-to-do more than a century ago, plans to downsize the village historic district as an accommodation to changing times. The Pinehurst Council began the process this week on a spit vote which reflected this observation of Mayor Nancy Roy Fierily “we have expanded the Historic District beyond what is truly historic.” Fiorillo mentioned, for example, a dog-grooming business being out of place in any historic district. The Council Imitative first goes to the historic preservation commission which will issue a report on the significance of any historic property which might fall within new boundaries. That report will then head to the office of planning and zoning for review and a public hearing. Then the state historic preservation office will be asked for its two cents in the form of a non-binding review. Thus vetted, the proposal faces a final public hearing and a decisive Pinehurst Council Vote. This all started, you may remember, when the historic preservation commission took the bold step of denying Pinehurst a certificate of appropriateness for some prop0osed landscape changes to the Village Green. The objection was withdrawn when the council made public its intention to deprive the commission of its regulatory power.
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