May 13

Local man wins the lottery....2 months ago!

A state lottery winner from Moore County won almost a quarter-million dollars but wasn’t aware of his good fortune for two months.  Ed Studebaker of West End purchased several tickets at the Pinebluff Mini Market and left them untouched in a coat pocket until this week. According to Studebaker “the clerk at the store kept saying someone won a Cash 5 Jackpot worth $236,000.00 and that I should check my tickets.

On Sunday he finally asked his daughter to check the tickets.  “I thought she was messing with me when she phoned me at work, but my wife confirmed it, says Studebaker, a manufacturing engineer, who chose his own numbers using family birthdays.  The lucky winner plans to use the money, $161,000.00 after state and federal taxes, to buy a car, take a cruise and pay bills.

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