Mar 13

Attention Police Warn Of Possible Computer Virus In Local Area Please Read And Share

SandhillsTribune.Com - Attention Possible Computer Virus In Local Area: The Pinehurst Police Department is warning Moore County residents they should not open any emails from the FBI Cyber Crimes unit. In acutality it is a Ransomware Virus and it will take over your computer and lock it up. If you have a webcam on your computer it will also take a photograph/video of you and attach it to the official looking notice from the FBI. This is a scam to collect money from you to get your computer unlocked. However, the real FBI has advised us that even if you pay the money your computer will not be unlocked. If you have received a notice like this please report it to the real FBI at www.ic3.gov . The attached YouTube video explains the scam in detail.


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