Oct 12

Pinehurst moves ahead with commercial district plan

Pinehurst has moved ahead with planned development of the commercial district, and now the village historic preservation commission won't even disucss an important legal challenge to one fo its rulings until the decision is proumulgated. This fall the board of adjustment, at the behest of the village council, ruled against the commission's order that a number of planned landscape changes to the village green owuld be out of character with the rest of the historic district. It was anticipated that the historic preservation commission would take up yesterday the matter of appealing the board of adjustment's reversal of those findings. Instead, the commission says it will have no comment on an appeal until the board of adjustment formally issues its order November 1st. In the meantime, an impatient Pineuhrst Village Council is ofrging ahead with plans which inlcude converting 30,000 square feet of the villag egreen into Tufts Memorial Park, in the process removing 40 trees from an expanded parking area and 20 from Tufts park itself. Last week The Pineuhrst Village Council instructed Assistant Town Manager Jeff Batton to move ahead with all the projects, starting with an impervious surface suitable as a replacementfor the existing sand parking lot. Pinehurst has budgeted $850,000.00 for all the improvements.
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