Oct 12

Cameron woman charged with child abuse

A 37-year-old Cameron Woman faces charges of child abuse after authorities say she routinely starved, beat and locked three of her children in a room and tool chest over a period of 14 months. Leslie Tiesler's children, all boys, were removed from her home on Calvary Road and placed in foster care shortly after the abuse was uncovered in May. Tiesler wa sarrested six days ago and charged with three counts of child abuse. She is being held in the Harnett County Detention Center on a million dollars secuured bond. Part of the Moore County Town of Cameron is in Harnett Couny. Sheriff Larry Rollins says it is the worst case of child abuse he has ever seen. "One of the kids was just skin and bones." Rollins says the sight brought one of his detectives to tears. A complaint from a neighbor alerted the Harnett County Department Of Social Services and an investigation by the sheriff's department revealed four of the boys were adopted. The fifth was Tiesler's biological son. Three of the adopted children, ages 13 and 14, told authorities they were starved, shot with a b-b gun, beaten with a wooden spoon, locked in a room and forced into a tool box for days with no food and only a pipe inserted through a hole for air. Authorities say the two other children may have participated in the abuse. Since they were removed from the home, Tiesler's chioldren have regained weight. One child has gained 27-pounds, a second 20 pounds and a third ten pounds. Yiesler's Ex-husband, Brad Thill, has been charged with three misdeamnor counts of child abuse.
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