Oct 12

4 year old recognized as a Moore County hero

Moore County Commissioners this week hung a Hero's Medal around the neck of a four-year-old boy for getting help to save his mother, immobilized by a life-threatening medical emergency. Lucas Odom called 9-1-1 and, giving street name and number, calmly directed the Southern Pines Fire Department and Moore County Emergency Services Personnel to his home. Kris Sheffield supervises the county's 9-1-1 Center. Emergency Repsonders, she says, were immensely impressed how Lucas, ont yet of school agge, was able to calmly tell htme what was wrong and who needed help. County Commissioners drafted a resolution honoring the derserving youngster and presenting ihm iwth hte ocunty's first 9-1-1 Hero's Award. Board Chairman Larry Caddell handed Lucas a signed copy of the resolution and asked his mother ot keep it fo rhim so he woulod remember the event when he is older.
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