Oct 12

Veterans memorial controversy a misunderstanding

A Moore County Commissioner says the controversy over the Veteran's Memorial is simply the result of a misunderstanding. Nick Picerno, who once served as chairman of the board of commissioners, says ajoint-committee representing lawmakers and representatives of veterans groups is expected to examine the ultimate disposition of approximately three acres which include the memorial annd its surrounding territory. Earlier, veteran's groups had mobilized when owrd reached them that the county was engaged in talks with a fast-food franchise about selling one-point-three acres next to the memorial. VBeteran's representatives made it lclear that commercial development near the memorial wa sout of the question. Th eupshot was the formation of a joint-committee to reach an agreement agreeable to both ssdes. This week, during an appearance on Star102.5's Morning Show with Rich And Jenny, Picerno stated his belief that the committee's job was not merely to formalize a protective covenant for the memorial, but to consider ways to utiliize the entire property to its best advantage.
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