Sep 12

3 people shot near Murray Hill Rd. in Southern Pines

Three people have reportedly been shot Tuesday night off of Murray Hill Road in Southern Pines. The shooting occurred between 10:00 PM and 10:30 PM.

Emergency responders were spread between three locations off of Murray Hill Road. One of the victims was found inside a hall of an apartment off of Dean Avenue. The other two were located in the area of Long Street and Ridgewood Drive. All three victims were transported by ambulance to the baseball field on Morganton Road in Southern Pines where they were picked up by different helicopters and flown to a trauma center.

This event has just occurred and details are limited at this time. We do know that law enforcement is searching the area for three black males who were reported to be wearing hoddie style jackets and possibly mask. We will update readers as more information becomes available from law enforcement Wednesday morning.

Responding to the incident tonight were units with Southern Pines Fire & Rescue, Aberdeen Fire & Rescue, Moore County EMS, Moore County Public Safety, the Moore County Sheriff’s Department, Aberdeen Police Department, Pinebluff Police Department, Whispering Pines Police Department, Vass Police Department and the Southern Pines Police Department.

This story coutesy of AberdeenTimes.com

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