Sep 12

Pricetag set for water deal with Robbins

A report to moore County Commissioners this week put a pricetag on developing a long-term water supply in collaboration with the Town of Robbins. The same report from Pulbic Works Director Randy Gould outlined in some detail less costly alternatives. One option, described as the Deep River Alternative, owuld require a pump station on the Deep River, construction of a new treatmet plant, booster pumps and pipelines to fill the Robbins 32 million gallon reservoir. The total cost-27-million dollars. Director Gould reported that the coounty has secured ownership of three prospective well sites along Linden Road as part of a proposed development agreement. Porduction wells on the Pinehurst sites will connect to the existing water distribution ysstem at a ocst of one-point-three million dollars. That figure includes well pumps, electrical and a mini water treatment facility. Lest the constant drumbeat about the county's efforts to secuure a reliable water source for it's municipal customers, Commissioner Tim Lea assured county residents that Moore does not have a water crisis. The county, Lea said, uses only a third of its water resources on a daily basis.
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