Sep 12

School board to put emphasis on technology

The Moore County School Board nominated Kathy Farren to represent the region as a member of the state association. The state body has eight regions representing 90,0000 school board members. Regional representatives are chosen by an election in November. Board Member Laura Lang, who suggested the chairman as a candidate, praised Farren for her business expierience and service as a member of the school board. Lang reminded the board that "we haven't had a regional representative from Moore County in a long time,"this weeks school board meeting gave its members their first chance to use I-Pads to track documents and other information. Farren said the innovative use of the devices showed the emphasis the school system is putting on technology. "We're all learning tonight,' she remarked, adding, "so if we look lost we probably are." The school system plans to give computer tablets this year to pupils attending Carthage Elementary schools. Teachers at the school got tablets last week.
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