Aug 12

Water could come at high cost in West End

Residents of a West End Community of omdest homes are hoping someone will lend a sympathetic ear. As Rebecca Brady tells it the cost of tapping into the Moore County Water System is beyond the memans of most of them. The trouble started when 38 property owners of the Edgewood Terrace Section discovered that some of their wells were running dry. "As good neighbors,' she says," we banded together to see about getting county water down our road."\ Brady says she was floored when she learned it would cost each property nearly $10,000.00 and that each of them would be required to share equally in the overall cost, payable over 10 years, even if some didn't tap into the line, Further, Brady says, "each of us would have to hire a licensed plumber to connect our hoouses to a meter." Staggered at the thought of incurring so much debt, all but 18 property owners had their names removed from the petition. County Public Works Director Randy Gould explains the reason for charging those who don't particiapte in the program. "Having a water line in front of your house,' .he says, "raises the value of the property." Gould provided a ray of hope. Noting that county commissioners will have the last word, he nevertheless held out the possibility of qualifying for an aid grant. "What we're trying to do,' says Gould, "is to get water to those who really need it without causing anyone undue hardship."
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