Aug 12

Farm To Table wants to expand customerbase

A Moore County Farm To Table Cooperative wants to expand its customer base for locally grown fruits and vegetables to a broad range of institutions. Co-Founder Fenton Wilkinson plans to target restaurants, community colleges, hospitals and resorts. The success of the three-year-old venture can be measured by the number of subscribers. The most recent tally puts the individual suscriber base at well over twelve-hundred. Customers pay the co-op a fee. In return the ycan expect to receive boxes of fresh seasonal fruits and vegatables on aweekly or bi-weekly basis. Pat Corso, Executive Director of Partners In Progress, says all the institutions he's contacted are receptive to the idea. Now growers nust signal their wilingness ot participate. They have an incentive-higher profits compared to selling to grocery chains. Wilkinson says the co-op hopes to market its produce not only in Moore County but regionally. "We've proven oursleves with the retail consumer,,' says Wilkinson,"now we'll see if local institutions are willing to give us a tumble, assuming we can satisfy theiir needs and organize the farmers."
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