Aug 12

First Health trying to add beds to Hoke facility

Firsthealth Of The Carolinas wants to add 28 more beds to the hospital its vuilding in neighboring Hoke County. A public hearing this week in Raeford demonstrated that the Firsthealth reputation for providing quality healthcare has found a Hoke County Audiance. Rockfish Resident Erica Danak told the hearing officer that she prefers Pinehurst-based Firsthealth, the parent company of Moore Regional. "I don't want Cape Fear Valley," she declared, adding, "I want quality care, not mass care." The rival Cape Fear Valley Health System is also building a hospital to serve Hoke County and has filed its own application for 28 additionla beds. Greg Yakoboski, a project analyst with the state certificate of need section, says a decision will likely be made no later than November.
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