Aug 12

Police warn residents about door to door salesmen

Door-to-door solicitations have become so common that Southern pines Police have issued a blanket warning to residents about opening the door to strangers. Town Ordinances are strict about requirig a permit for charitable organizations and a certificate of registration for religious organizations. Soliictation without a permit orcertificate is prohibited. police give examples of soliictations by people who often cannot produce a permit or certificate of registration. They inlcude offers to do such jobs as roof cleaning, driveway paving and exterior painting at a bargin-basement price. Such offers frequently end up cositng the homeowner much omre for "extra" services not previously agreed to. Occasionally, Southern Pines Police say, people posing as salespersons distract the homeowner while accomplices enter the the house to steal property. Elderly people who live alone are frequently targeted. Residents are encouraged to phone police at 692-7031 if they suspect a solicitation may not be on the up-and-up.
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