Aug 12

Veteran's Memorial land still in limbo

Moore County Commissioners haven't said yes, and they haven't said on to protecting land around the Vetran's Memorial in Carthage from commercial development. A committee representing veteran's this week requested that lawmakers designate the property as open space or for office-use only. Commissioner Tim Lea, who has criticized his colleagues for meeting behind close doors to discuss the sale of one-point-three acres to Bojangles, a fast-food franchise, was alone in dissenting to a motion ot create a committee of lawmakers and veterans to find a way ot satisfy all parties. Minutes of closed-door meetings have disclosed that commissioners had discussed selling county property to Bojangles for $280,000.00. This week, Charles Spelman, President of a Vietnam Veterans organization based in Moore County, produced aerial maps which included one of a parcel designated for Bojangles. County Manager Cary McSwain said the illustration was designed only to give people an understanding of what Bojangles wanted in relation to a land-use study.
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