Aug 12

Moore County is recognized for it's digital prowess

Moore County's advances in information technoolgy has earned it a high national ranking from the National Association Of Counties. Moore was ranked seventh nationiwde among counties with populations under 150,000. It is the second year that Moore has been placed among the top ten digital counties. Darlene Yudell, Moore Count's Director Of Information Technology since 2008, says her department has been contacted by other coun ties anxious to modernize thei rown I-T Programs. The Association Of Counties says Moore's I-T initiative provides vital cost savings and administrative efficiencies. Yudell gives a lot of credit ot Commissioners Larry Caddell, Nick Picerno and Tim Lea hwo insist on being fully informed. "As a result the yare," she says, 'Very supportive of what we are doing." Adding- "it's great for the county to have this level of interest in technology."
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