Jul 12

The tradition of Old Town might be fading

Once concieved as a stylish address in the heart of "Old Town" Pineuhrst, the "Traditions" has fallen on hard times. Developers have come and gone and the landscape where million dollar townhouses were to have been has gone to seed. Thaht's notlikely to change anytime soon because the Pinehurst Council has tightened restricitons in its development ordinance covering village residentila districts. From now on there will be fewer units per acre, land alotted ot open space will be more generous, and the units themsleves will be more spacious. The changes were designed specifially for the four-acre property across from The Arorretum on McCaskill Road, where a planned development known as 'Traditions Of Old Town," never got off the ground. A coupole of years ago, the Pinehurst Council ovted to deny Developer Mike Doninger permission to down-size six of the most expensive units. Instead of agreeing ot concessions that would dilute the village long-range development plan, Pinehuurst served notice that more attention would be paid to the spirit of the development ordinance. Aftetr numerous futile efforts to relax minimum stanndards, Doninger and his partners dropped out of sight and the foreclosed property now belongs to a reality company, which ruefully admits there are no buyers in sight.
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