Jul 12

Candidtes eagerly await run-off results

It isn't over until it's over. For Moore County's Richard Morgan, a second attempt to return to politics at the state level will be decided today in what's called the second primary. Arunoff for the republican nomination for State Commissioner of Insurance pits Morgan against Mike Causey of Greensboro. The two ended in a virtual dead heat last May with Morgan receiving 37 percent of the ballots cast. Causey's election effort yielded 35-point-8 percent of the vote spread among three candidates. Neither won at least 40-percent of the vote, hence th eneed for a runoff. Today's winner will face Formidable Inucmbent Democrat Wayne goodwin in November. Four Years ago Morgan won the primary of the office of State Superintendent Of Public Instruction, but lost in the general election. Republicans today are engaged in three other statewide runoff elections. Dan Forest and Tony Gurley are competing for Lieutenant Governor. Ken Gardner and Ed Goodwin are competing for Secretary Of State and John Tedesco faces off with Richhard Alexander for Superintendent Of Public Instruction. In the only secon dprimary ofr democrats, Marlowe Foster and John Brooks are seeking the party nomination fo rstate commissioner of labor. Polls open at 6:30 and Close at 7:30 tonight.
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