Jul 12

Recycling gets easier for Moore County

If your're one of those Moore County Residents who engaged in do-it-yourself recycling, isn't it a blessing to be relieved of that burden? Comingled recycling was recently introduced to all seven waste collection sites. A year in the planning, Solid Waste Manager Chad Beane describes it as the wave of the future. No longer are materials ot be recycled sorted at home and deposited in specific containers at collection sites. Now, all that paper, plastics, glass and stuff are collectted in a single, mixed compactor. Division Manager Beane says the decision to jump from do-it-yourself to comingiling was easier to make after Moore County was selected for a state grant. The money, Beane explains, helped make possible the purchase of large recycling compactors fo reach collection site. 'We've had alot of possiitve feedback," says Beane, who anticipates a 30-percent increase in recycling because of it.
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