Jun 12

Southern Pines enacts water restrictions

Southern Pines Town Manager Reagan Parsons has ordered mandatory water conservation measures due to the low flow of water in the Town’s raw water source.

Mandatory restrictions are imposed until further notice and it shall be unlawful:

1) To water or sprinkle any lawn, grass, shrubbery, trees, flower and vegetable gardens, except by hand-held hose, container, or a drip irrigation system.

2) Newly established plantings may be watered by hand-held hose, container, or drip irrigation system; or by automatic sprinkling at the minimum necessary to keep plants alive, but not more than every fourth (4th) day. Even numbered addresses may irrigate on even numbered days and odd numbered addresses may irrigate on odd numbered days but no more than once every fourth (4th) day.

3) Persons regularly engaged in the sale of plants shall be permitted to water, by any method at any time, for irrigation of their commercial stock in trade.

4) To operate water-cooled air conditioners or equipment that does not recycle cooling water, except when health and safety are adversely affected.

5) To wash automobiles, truck, trailers, boats, airplanes, or any other type of mobile equipment; except parts of vehicles may be washed where required by federal, state, or local laws or for safety reasons; Commercial or business operated car wash facility shall be permitted to use water for such purposes.

6) To wash down outside areas such as streets, driveways, service station aprons, parking lots, office buildings exteriors of existing or newly constructed homes or apartments, sidewalks, or patios or to use water for similar purposes; Except that hand washing of exterior surfaces of a building for preparing them for painting shall be permitted; and licensed commercial pressure washers shall be permitted to operate.

7) To introduce water into any ornamental fountain or pool not containing plants or fish.

8) To fill or replenish any swimming or wading pool serving less than twenty-five (25) dwellings, except to maintain the minimum level required to operate chemical feed equipment.

9) To serve drinking water in restaurants, cafeterias, or other food establishments, except as requested.

10) To use water from any public or private fire hydrant for any purpose other than by the Fire Department for fire suppression, testing and drills, Public Works Department need or other public emergencies.

11) To use water for dust control or compaction.

12) To use water for any unnecessary purpose or intentionally waste water.

These mandatory conservation measures will stay in effect until the water source's daily discharge maximum measurement is greater than 20 cubic feet per second for 5 consecutive days. People not following these guidelines are subject to civil penalties, criminal penalties, and/or loss of water service.

Story courtesy of AberdeenTimes.com

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