May 12

Vacant positions could be vacated to save money

In these days of austerity budgets, local governments resort to cost cutting in different ways. Moore County, for example, is toying with the idea of eliminating some vacant staff positions. In Seven Lakes The Landowners Association thinks it can save $8,700.00 a year by thinning out its herd of eight riding horses and three ponies. Seven Lakes North has offered stables and riding as one of its amenities since the very beginning of the community. Writing in The Seven Lakes Times, Reporter Laura Douglass says that George Temple, a member of the finance comm9ittee, estimates that overall annual cost of maintaining the stables is more than $70,000.00. Seven Lakes is the only residential community in Moore County to offer the amenity of free trail rides for members of the association and their guests. The current board of directors, says Douglass, is facing cost pressures as it tries to pave roads, make up for years of deferred maintenance, and manage the existing amenities-all without raising dues. Stable Manager Karen Reeder, says she could still provide the same number of rides with just five horses and three ponies. One of the horses is no longer ridden. “Swift Slew,” whose nickname is “Bonnie” is a retired thoroughbred and the Granddaughter of Triple Crown Winner “Seattle Slew.” Bonnie is lame. Douglass reports that the Seven Lakes Board of Directors, with a show of hands, were unanimous in favor of thinning the herd . The board is expected to make it official during an open meeting today.
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