May 12

Arts Center not dead...a new plan emerges

Not everyone has given up on establishing Pinehurst as a permanent regional center for the performing arts. A local architect, who was a member of the advisory group that suggested a feasibility study, says the dream lives on. It is important, says Alan Staggard, to first determine what the arts needs of the community are. From the beginning, Staggard says, the focus was on a 22-hundred-seat theater. Build business first, Staggard suggests, then the building. Not unlike the presumption of a paid consultant who this week delivered the results of a study to the Pinehurst Village Council. In it Duncan Webb advised an incremental approach. First create an appetite for cultural enrichment, Webb advised council members, recommending Pinehurst invest carefully in programs, build a cultural identity, develop projects which require community effort and seek out partnerships. Web b spent a month interviewing extensively and visiting al of the significant performing arts venues in the area. Pinehurst Mayor Nancy Roy Fiorillo says she is pleased with the Webb Study. “It gives us” in her words “A clearer direction for the future development of the arts locally.” In that regard it is important t to note that since 2001 Moore County has presented The Palustris Festival a fouir-day celebration of the visual, literary and performing arts staged at 30 venues across the sandhills.

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Aberdeen Fear Factory
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