May 12

KFC robbed at gunpoint by 2 young men

Two hooded black males believed to be in their 20’s robbed Aberdeen’s Kentucky Fried Chicken Franchise this week, following a pattern of other late-night holdups. Police say the men, brandishing handguns, entered the restaurant at 9:30. One vaulted over the counter and entered the manager’s office. The other herded seven employees to the back of the store, which was free of customers. No shots were fired and there were no injuries. The suspects fled on foot out the back door with an undisclosed amount of cash. Last month a clerk in a Southern Pines Kangaroo Convenience Store was shot and wounded by a black male wearing a hooded black sweatshirt. In another late night robbery a black male wearing a bandana ot cover his face fired a warning which missed the clerk inside a Mac’s Food Store in Aberdeen. Another robbery occurred in broad daylight when a 96-year-old woman emerging from an Aberdeen Supermarket was pushed to the ground and relieved of her purse by a black male wearing a dark hooded sweatshirt. So far, none of the suspects have been apprehended.
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