May 12

8 local residents caught up in gambling raid

Eight Moore County Residents were swept up along with 12 others this week in a vice raid conducted by Fayetteville Agents of the State Division Of Alcohol Law Enforcement. Officers confiscated $60,000.00 in cash and an assortment of drugs during a raid at a business address on Pinehurst Street in Aberdeen. A-L-E started investigating after receiving complaints about illegal activity inside a business suite at 707 Pinehurst Street. David Williams, the agent in charge, described it as a high stakes operation. The owner of the business says the suite was rented for about a year. He said he had no complaints or even rumors of illegal activity. The occupant of an adjoining suite says the activity level was sporadic, from seeing as many as 02 cars in the parking lot to none at all. Charged with operating a gambling establishment were 35-year-old Stacy Oliver and 32-year-old Justin Oliver of Kings Ridge Court in Southern Pines. The charges are all misdemeanors punishable by a maximum of six months in jail. Also charged with gambling were 18 residents of Fayetteville, Laurinburg, Wadesboro, Hamlet, lilisville, Wagram, and McColl, South Carolina.
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