May 12

Moore County Schools to keep current funding

Commissioners are expected to retain the current level of funding for Moore County Schools. This week Former Chairman Nick Picerno assured representatives of the school system that that would, indeed be the case. “Personally,” said Picereno, ”I don’t see any plans at this point to cut the school budget request.” In the past, Budget battles between the school board and county lawmakers have become legendary. With the arrival of of Former Superintendent Susan Purser the two bodies reached a level of good feeling that has carried over to her successor, the youthful Aaron Spence. “I think he Is a tremendous asset to the county” Picerno declared. “He is taking the system where it needs to go.” In April, the school board notified county commissioners that their request for local funding would remain constant at 25-point-5-million dollars out of a total budget package of 98-point-5 million. Superintendent Spence noted at the time that roughly eight out of every ten budget dollars are spent on personnel. The fiscal year, he said, layoffs have been averted by dipping into the schools system’s fund balance. ‘We can’t, Spence warned, “Keep doing that indefinitely.” School Board Chairwoman Kathy Farren thanked county commissioners for their trust. “We look forward,’ she said, “to continue an open relationship with you.”
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