May 12

New library design won't infringe on Village Green

An expanded Pinehurst Village Library would not encroach on the Village Green, a fear raised by the National Park Service.

The architect whose design will be used in the renovation and expansion of the library as soon as financing is arranged, says his design allows for the building to expand without encroaching on the Village Green or overreaching its current property lines

Architect Alan Staggard says there is no plan ot expand the building upward.

Those assurances are expected to satisfy the park service, which has warned that incremental erosion of the village green could endanger Pinehurst’s treasured landmark status.

The library’s new dimensions will triple its size, double the number of books from 15,000 to 30,000, and add a children’s wing and in another wing provide an expanded space for the Tuft’s Archives.

The exterior will retain the character and feel of the original building and of the village.

The library’s Director, Audrey Moriarty, says the board has already started an aggressive campaign  to fund the expansion, estimated to cost upwards of four-point-five million dollars.

Of that total she is seeking a million dollars up front from the village and an annual contribution of $80, 000.000.

The Pinehurst Council is expected to consider the request sometime before July 1st, when it enacts a new village budget.

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