May 12

Firsthealth Hoke County hospital project expands

Even before construction begins, Pinehurst-Based Firsthealth Of The Carolinas is expanding its Hoke County Hospital more than fourfold. Firsthealth is taking advantage of a state recommendation that 28-more beds are needed in the planning district which includes Hoke County. Now instead of eight, Firsthealth will expand its bed capacity for Hoke Community Hospital to 36. The decision was music to the ears of Julian King, a Hoke County Resident and Business Owner. King, Chairman of Firsthealth’s Board Of Directors, says so many Hoke Residents drive to Moore Co9unty for their medical needs, that having quality hospital care close to home has everyone excited. Firsthealth budgeted 35-million for its eight-bed Hoke Hospital, adding 28 additional beds will cost considerably more.
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