Apr 12

Residents chase burglers into the woods

Burglars may have selected their Southern Pines target at random and when discovered continued on their way down Route 1. That’s one plausible explanation for what happened this week to a Kensington Street homeowner who surprised thieves in the act. Helpful neighbors summoned police and even chased two of the men into woods behind the house. Police Dogs were called in and law enforcement officers established a perimeter covering several blocks in vain attempt to corral the thieves. Police say the two men directly involved in the burglary found their way back to Route 1 undetected where they sped off in awaiting Silver Cadillac with Virginia plates, License Plate Number X-E-N 3519. A third accomplice drove the getaway car. The men are described as a black male and two white males. Surveillance Cameras mounted outside The Lob Steer Inn captured images of the men emerging from woods behind the restaurant. They didn’t leave empty-handed. Although some of the loot and an undisclosed amount of money was discarded along the flight path, the burglars did manage to steal a handgun which is presumably in their possession, Thus, say authorities, they are considered armed and dangerous.
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