Apr 12

Given Memorial Library looking towards expansion

Not so long ago, The National Park service warned that incremental erosion of the Village Green could endanger the Pinehurst’s treasured status. It was the announced intention of Given Memorial Library to double the size of its footprint on the Village Green that caught the attention of the park service. This week the library’s Executive Director Audrey Moriarty submitted two requests to the village council. Moriarty is seeking a million dollars from the village to fund its expansion. She also wants the village to increase its its annual financial support from 420,000.00 to $80,000.00. Given Memorial Library was constructed on the Village Green in 1964, when Pinehurst had a population of 17-hundred. Today Pinehurst is Moore County’s largest municipality with a growing population of 13,000. The Village Council already has before it a request to donate eight-tenths of an acre to the library, permitting it to almost double in size. Given Memorial Library has an operating budget of something like $290,000.00. Aside from the village contribution, it depends on donations and the interest earned from endowments. By way of contrast, he Southern Pines Library has an annual budget of $770,000.00, the lion’s share coming from town government. As a result, The Southern Pines Library has 70,000 books, while Given Memorial has about 15,000. In addition, Given Library houses The Tufts Archives and its collection of documents and photos chronicling the dawn of the American resort industry. It also has priceless original sketches by Legendary Golf Course Designer Donald Ross. A University Of North Carolina Library Historian says the Pinehurst Library is likely one of only a handful of Privately-funded libraries in th eocuntry.
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