Apr 12

Tests continue in search for Robbins water solution

While the town of Robbins considers the latest offer from Moore County to modernize its water delivery system, the county continues efforts to develop other dependable sources. Public Works Director Randy Gould is in the process of briefing commissioners on several water-related fronts. To start with, Moore County is in the process of drilling three new wells while it investigates whether an old quarry and some talc mines in the Glendon Area could be utilized as a reservoir.\ The county has already approached Robbins with a proposal to use its 32-million gallon reservoir to supply water for a new treatment plant, built and paid for by the county. Meanwhile, Gould is forging ahead, acquiring land for three new wells that tests have shown should yield very positive results. Bringing the wells into production would require an investment of an estimated two-million dollars, including design and associated treatment facilities. “We don’t have it budgeted for this year,’ says Gould, “but it is something we want to proceed with at some point.”
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