Feb 12

Local school lunches found to be deficient

A detachment of left wing government workers identified as nutrition experts, descended on an elementary school in neighboring Hoke County this week with freighting results. Agents of the department of health and human services confiscated a Pre-Schooler’s lunch declaring it nutritionally deficient based on U-s Department of Agriculture guidelines. In addition to the turkey and cheese sandwich, banana, potato chips an dapple juice her mother had prepared for her, the child was required to add state-approved chicken nuggets to her lunch box. Agents of the division of child development and early education, now universally mocked as “the food police”, inspected all lunch boxes at her more at four classroom. The preschooler’s mother, who wishes to remain anonymous, says she received a letter from West Hoke Elementary stating that students whose lunches didn’t include all of the required items, would have them provided. The girl’s mother said she was billed a dollar-twenty-five for the chicken nuggets.
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