Feb 12

Father & son duo suspiscious of airport funding

A Whispering Pines father and son say they will continue to raise questions about the source of funds to pay for a series of upgrades to the Moore County Airport. Fred Korb and his son, Dave, have incorporated under the name Taxpayers To Stop Airport Waste and have won the support of people who share their concerns. Moore County has accepted three-point-one million dollars from the Federal Aviation Administration. Another $344,000.00 has been made available from an occupancy tax on area hotel rooms. Airport Director Ron Maness says he hopes work can start this summer on a 400-foot addition to the runway. Crews will also cut trees on 12 acres recently purchased by the airport authority. The occupancy tax is collected from visitors to Moore County, says Maness, and does not come out of the pockets of local taxpayers. Dave Korb says a key concern of his is that money for airport improvements is coming out of the state’s highway fund. Richard Walls, Director of the D-O-T’s Division Of Aviation, points out that money from the highway fund can legitimately be used for any transportation intrastructure, not just highways.
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