Feb 12

Liberty Tax to offer free tax prep for teachers

The NC Sandhills Area Teachers can leave their lesson plans behind, but are invited to bring their tax receipts and information into Liberty Tax Service offices during “Educator Appreciation Days.” The company is saluting area teachers, all school employees and bus drivers by offering them Free tax preparation from 2/27/2012 to 3/4/2012 at the Liberty Tax office on NC Hwy 5 in Aberdeen.

“Persons involved in educating our children deserve a tax break,” said Mark Adel of Liberty Tax Service. “We have these ‘Appreciation Days’ to honor and show our respect for the teaching profession and those employed by the schools.”

Teachers and eligible educators who spend their own money on classroom supplies should be eligible for a tax break again when filing a 2011 return. An eligible educator is a kindergarten through grade 12 teacher, instructor, counselor, principal or aide who works at least 900 hours a year in either a public or private school. The adjustment for these expenses, of no more than $250, can be claimed whether or not the taxpayer can itemize.

  If you teach or work at a Moore County School then you should bring in your taxes and save between February 27th and March 4th.

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