Jan 12

Taylortown Police release shooting details

The following is a release from the Taylortown Police Chief S.D. Johnson concerning the fatal shooting Tuesday.

On 01/24/2012 at or about 11:20 AM hours I was notified to respond by a Taylortown Police unit on the scene at 200 Westgate Drive in Taylortown for an alleged armed barricaded subject. It was reported that in a rear upstairs apartment unit of the location, a male subject may have locked himself in possibly under duress, and may intend to harm himself.

At approximately 11:40 hours that same day, members of the Moore County SRT Unit (Special Response Team) made two forcible entries to the rear unit of that location. A search was made of the upstairs with a robot like device and there a white male subject later identified as a resident of Pinehurst, was found in a recliner chair in an apparent unconscious state. The subject appeared to have a gunshot wound to his head by way of his mouth.

Moore County Medic Unit 3 responded to that location and determined that the subject had no regainable life signs, at 13:00 hours; the Medical Examiner’s Office was notified and instructed Boles Funeral Home to transport the subject’s remains to Chapel Hill for further examination. Personal effects were accepted by a member of the family. The identity of the subject is not being released at this time, as a request of the family.

Editors note: Law enforcement officials stated that they anticipate releasing the victims name at a later time. We have chosen not to identify the victim until officials publicly release the name.

This story courtesy of AberdeenTimes.com

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