Jan 12

Pinebluff's only bank could close before April

The Pinebluff Branch of First Bank is scheduled to close on or before April 1, 2012, unless other arrangements are made. The plan in place at this time is for all current Pinebluff customers to be transferred to the Aberdeen branch located beside Page Methodist Church on US Highway 1.

Pinebluff's elected officials are very much aware of the situation, and have even been in contact with the bank about options other than closing the branch. The Town Board discussed the coming closure at their January board meeting. One of the things brought up then, was the fact that the Troy based bank has multiple branches in the Pinehurst and Southern Pines markets. Residents wondered why the bank would not close one of these to save money, rather than depriving small town Pinebluff of its only bank.

According to staff with First Bank nothing firm has been decided yet about the Pinebluff Branch. At least one member of the Bank's Board has questioned about the possibility of at a minimum keeping a drive thru teller at the Pinebluff location to take deposits, payments and assist customers with other basic banking services.

This is a time for residents to speak up and be heard. There is currently a petition drive underway to ask the bank to please stay in the community where it is so much needed. In addition residents may contact First Bank at their toll free customer service number to lodge a complaint (877-792-4357), or by calling your local First Bank representative.   

Interested readers may also contact the staff at the town hall in Pinebluff to find out how you as a citizen might help make a difference in this situation that affects everyone in and around the community of Pinebluff.

This story courtesy of AberdeenTimes.com

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