Jan 12

4 year old returned to happy mother

Four year old George McFalls II returned home to his mother this evening after a two week odyssey away from his mother and his home. The child’s father took him for a weekend visit two weeks ago and then did not return him at the end of the normal weekend visit. The child ultimately ended up being taken out of state to Indiana where he has been for the last week and a half with family members of the father.

The boy’s mother, Christina Kellis, went to court and obtained what amounts to emergency custody papers seeking the return of her son (another court hearing was held today, however it was continued until the first week of February).

Early this morning the mother was notified that the father and the child were now on their way back to North Carolina.  The child’s mother immediately contacted local law enforcement with the news of these developments.

Tonight a little before 8:30 PM Christina was reunited with her son. Mother and child were both filled with smiles, as little George clung to his mother with all his might. It was an incredibly moving sight to see the two of them together tonight as this local news story had a very, very happy ending.

story courtesy of AberdeenTimes.com
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