Jan 12

Foxfire pursuing new single family ordinance

The Village of Foxfire is pursuing a single-family ordinance formulation that could very well be copied by other municipalities. At issue is whether a zoning ordinance is restrictive enough to forbid dormitory-style rentals. Councilman Mick McCue has a somewhat different view. “Our definition of family, in the existing ordinance, he says, “is far too restrictive. We must change it to a broader encompassing definition of family ot include a modern view.” The council’s discussion of slngle-family residential zoning rules began in earnest in response to a local business renting a home for use as a dormitory for six employees. The rental agreement has expired and it no longer exists as a dormitory dwelling, yet modifications to the existing ordinance are deemed essential. Following a recommendation by the village attorney, revised regulations as well as a new definition of “family” was drafted. Provisions allow for renter occupied dwellings by families on a long-term basis, and, in a concession to visiting golfers, the ordinance would permit occupancy by non-families on a short-term basis. Longtime Foxfire Resident Carlotta Young favors stricter rules and enforcement. ‘There was always an understanding that if you rented it would be to a single-family,” she says, “because most of Foxfire’s retirees have always regarded their homes as secure investments.” After a review by the village planning and zoning committee, the revised ordinance will return to the council for for final discussion and approval.
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