Jan 12

County's land use plan to get an update

Moore County Planning Board Chairman Robert Hayter say he was looking for a few good men……and of course, women. Hayter chairs the steering committee which will guide its 21 members through the thicket of rules and regulations that comprise the county’s land-use plan. It’s been ten years since the plan was last updated. Since then the county has added almost 30,000 residents . Creating a land-use plan was no small task in 1999. The process took eighteen months and 28 meetings. Former County Planner and Current Pinehurst Mayor Nancy Fiorillo was instrumental in crafting the land-use plan then, and is among those charged with updating it now. County Commissioners had the job of naming people to the steering committee. They were asked by Hayter to select on the basis of quality and not quantity. Among the quality names, Felton Capel, Pat Corso, Susan Purser, David McNeill, Joe Clendenin, Watts Auman and Betsy Mofield.
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