Jan 12

Missing Moore County monkey found

Toby, the pet Southern Pines Monkey which spent five days foraging heavens knows where, is back home safe and sound. As implausible as it sounds the ten pound Rhesus Monkey, wearing only a diaper, survived several nights of sub-freezing temperatures with only a broken finger and a few scratches. Rhesus Monkeys are native to India and it was thought unlikely that Toby could survive North Carolina Nights this time of year. Beating the odds, he was found on a porch a mile from home, playing with a stick. His owner, Connie Baxley, enticed the two-year-old with a banana, his bottle and security blanket, a surefire way to win over any toddler. Toby did lose a tenth of his body weight during the ordeal. But in his case it was only a pound.
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