Jan 12

Council could authorize study for Arts Center

The Pinehurst Village Council meets tonight and among its expected actions is one to authorize funds for a study to determine whether a proposed performing arts center here makes sense. Te advisory board for the performing arts center wants the village to engage Webb Management Services to conduct such a study. The cost $33,500.00 would be borne by the village, with the expectation that the center’s existence would transform Pinehurst from a resort destination into an arts and cultural hub. That’s the vision of David Michael Wolff, the dynamic founder of the Pinehurst-Based Carolina Philharmonic. Armed with positive feedback from the study, Wolff envisions a 22-hundred seat performing arts center and a music conservancy. Wolff says he expects to raise the necessary capital with a multi-million dollar fund raising campaign conducted from offices built for that purpose inside the abandoned Pinehurst Fire House on Community Road. The Pinehurst Council Meeting tonight begins at 6 o’clock.
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