Jan 12

Diaper wearing monkey loose in Southern Pines

Hope is fading for a pet Rhesus Monkey, on the loose since Monday in Southern Pines. Whether Two-Year-Old Toby could survive sub-freezing nighttime temperatures is considered less likely as the days, and nights, go by. The Monkey, which weighs about ten pounds and was wearing a diaper, escaped from a home on East Connecticut Avenue after authorities were called to an emergency at a neighbor’s house. The approaching sirens apparently startled the monkey. Connie Baxley has owned Toby for about two weeks. It came ot North Carolina from Indiana, where a family there was forced to give it up. The animal, described by its owner as very smart, loving and friendly, has been sighted several times since its left home. “He’s basically a toddler,” says Baxley. Animal Control Officer Al Carter, says his agents have been searching for the monkey since it was reported missing.
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