Dec 11

Funeral Held For Fallen Moore County Deputy

Rick Rhyne, perhaps Moore County’s most beloved law officer, was laid to rest yesterday surrounded by hundreds of devastated mourners, many still in a state of shock. Deputy Rhyne, shot to death last week, was the first member of the Moore County Sheriff’s Office to be killed in the line of duty. On Monday, after services, a funeral gathering slowly filed out of the auditorium of Sanndhills Community College, Sadly on their way to the interment, the patrol car assigned to the 58-year-old Deputy led the procession as onlookers stood quietly on both sides of U-S 1 in Southern Pines and Aberdeen. The motorcade eventually made its way to Taylor Memorial Baptist Church in Roseland, where Deputy Rhyne was buried. The casket carried from the cemetery gate to the burial site aboard a horse-drawn caisson. Deputy Rhyne is survived by his wife of 40 years, a son, Allen, his wife and two grandchildren. Lovely stories abound about the way Deputy Rhyne spent his law enforcement career not manhandling people, but helping them. So beloved was he by the people of Foxfire, where he served as chief for 25 years, that the village retired his badge and service pistol. A surprised Karl Bernet found Chief Rhyne on his doorstep shortly after moving to Foxfire. Chief Rhyne, says Bernet, simply wanted to introduce himself and offer his services. That was 20 years ago and the two remained good friends ever since. Says Bernet, “He was one of the most compassionate men I’ve ran into.” If someone couldn’t get their television set to work, Chief Rhyne came over and took care of it. Another Foxfire Resident remembers him simply as “An all-around nice guy. If you had a problem with anything, he would come and help you out. I don’t think I ever saw him mad.” That’s the way he will be remembered…..By the people of Foxfire, by his fellow deputies,. By anyone who ever knew Rick Rhyne.

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